Information for partners and local businesses


We’re so glad you decided to participate in our campaign! We greatly appreciate all the support we can get. Now that you know more about our goal and strategy regarding Your Actions Matter, Evanston! here’s a little more about how this community alliance works:

From our side, we offer free materials like coasters, bottle tags, table tents, and window clings. We can also provide now or in the future free BASSET training, ID checking training, and an ID checking guide to help establishments identify fake IDs. As our partner, you can choose to pick all of them, some of them, and also schedule a meeting so we can talk more; maybe come up with unique ideas tailored to your establishment.

Here’s a sample of our logo:

window clings.png

From your side, we only need your support in upholding our collective cause to prevent underage drinking and promote youth health and well-being. Fill the form below if you’re ready and know what you want! You can also contact or call 847-492-1778 and ask for any member of the prevention team to know more or set up a meeting.

It could be your name or anyone else we can talk to from your establishment
Would you like your materials in English or Spanish? *
Would you like coasters? *
Would you like 5x5 decals for glass doors? *
Would you like an 11x17 drinking age poster? *
What about 2"x4" bottle tags placed on top of bottles that are often consumed by youth? *
Would you now or in the future be interested in our free BASSET Training? *
Would you be interested in receiving ID checking guides or an ID checking training? *
Would you be interested in donating a giftcard to our community-wide raffle? *
We are encouraging the community to send messages and stories to support our cause. Even a small giftcard would be helpful!