Your Actions Matter, Evanston! is a community led campaign to prevent underage drinking

Our aim is not to shame alcohol consumption; it is to educate the community about the limits and laws around alcohol consumption. It is to communicate the message, that these laws are formed from years of research and reason; it is everyone’s responsibility to uphold them.

How does this affect teens?

It is dangerous to drink due to the negative effects or impact that drinking has on an individual and the society. Youth who drink are more likely to experience school problems, social problems, physical problems such as physical and sexual assault, memory loss, stunted growth and development, risky engagement in sexual activities and even death. Alcohol drinking is also dangerous because it puts one in a risk of being an addict.

Our approach

This is a community led effort! We welcome any member who wants to help us make the city safer for teens. Like every year, we will team up with local law enforcement officers, restaurants, retailers, and residents. Our approach centers on collaborating with different sectors and stakeholders in the city, who, in their own way, are affected by this problem.

April is National Alcohol Awareness Month. Come, help us out!

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