The ESAP Coalition  follows the guidelines of the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF).  Developed by the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the SPF is a five-element model intended to aid community coalitions in developing an infrastructure which can act to effectively reduce alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use through primarily evidence-based, environmental strategies.


Descriptions of the five elements:

Assessment– Collect data to define problems, resources, and readiness within a geographic area to address needs and gaps.

Capacity Mobilize and/or build capacity within a geographic area to address needs

Planning – Develop a comprehensive strategic plan that includes policies, programs, and practices creating a logical, data-driven plan to address problems identified in Step 1.

Implementation Implement evidence-based prevention programs, policies, and practices.

Evaluation  Measure the impact of the SPF and the implemented programs, policies, and practices.