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Teach Your Kids NOT to Bully

It can be shocking and difficult to learn that your child has been bullied or is bullying another child. Whether it’s verbal or physical, if it’s not stopped it can lead to more aggressive anti-social behavior and interfere with your child’s school success.

There are many reason kids bully. Some do it because they’re insecure and picking on others who seem emotionally or physically weaker makes them feel important or in control. In other cases, kids bully because they don’t know it’s not acceptable to pick on others that are different; while others bully other kids to fit in.

Additionally, bullying can be a part of an ongoing pattern of defiant or aggressive behavior. These kids are likely to need help learning to manage anger and frustration. They may not have the skills to cooperate with others. Professional counseling can often help them to learn to deal with their feelings, curb their bullying, and improve social skills.

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