Alcohol Committee Meeting December 7, 2018


Committee Name: Alcohol Committee

Meeting Date: Friday, December 7, 2018

Meeting Location: Evanston Public Library

Actual Start/End Time of Meeting: 2:00pm-3:00pm

Recorded By: Erin Tegge



Attendance: Jeffrey Wolfe, ITA; Kiana Jones, Northwestern University; Angela Mitchell, Northwestern University; Gina Migliore, PEER Services; Ria Kataria, PEER Services; Erin Tegge, PEER Services


  • Reschedule of Driving Under the Influence Coalition Meeting in January

    • Looking at either January 31 or February 7 to reschedule this meeting to give time for marketing

    • Talk to past coalition chair, Beth Hunt to see if she is interested in speaking as well

    • Will contact YOU to see if space is available as well

    • Marketing event through ETHS, D65, ESAP, maybe the Roundtable online?

  • Upcoming 2019 winter/spring events

    • Social Hosting Presentation

      • ESAP was asked by another local coalition (GNCY – Glenview Northbrook Coalition for Youth) to partner with them in hosting some presentations and trainings this coming March regarding underage drinking and social host laws.  The presenters are coming from southern/central Illinois and would like to do a few presentations in the area to make the trip worth it! They will host a set of training specifically for law enforcement and then an evening and morning presentation for parents.  GNCY asked us to host the morning presentation.  Dates set for March 11 & 12. 

      • Need to determine location for March 12 presentation

      • Northwestern Police, as well as Evanston Police should be informed of law enforcement trainings.

    • Your Actions Matter

      • Typically outreach begins in February

      • Will begin organizing efforts at January meeting

    • Snowflake

      • Snowflake will be March 8, 2018

    • Youth Mental Health First Aid Training

      • The Evanston Public Library will be hosting the next Youth mental health first aid training on January 26.  Registration is open and at

  • BASSET Training – no discussion

  • Northwestern Partnership Ideas

    • Upon release of the upcoming grant for FY20, should discuss incoportating services/efforts at Northwestern

    • Current need is for helping students increase healthy coping skills and to not use substances to deal with stress.

    • Discussed a cultural norm on campus regarding drinking and will look into Jason Levy’s Better Drinking Culture

  • Toolkits - Retailer & Drivers Ed – no discussion

  • Next Meeting Date – Doodle Poll to be completed




Post Meeting Action Items

Action Assigned To Deadline

Meeting Space for Jan. Meeting Erin December 31, 2018

Meeting Space for March Meeting Ria Next Meeting

Doodle Poll for Jan. Committee Mtg. Erin December 17, 2018

Northwestern Police: Contact to Erin for trainings Angela Next Meeting

Reach out to Beth Hunt re: coalition Mtg Erin Next Meeting



Next Meeting

Next Meeting: TBD – doodle poll to be sent