Alcohol Committee Meeting, November 9, 2018


Ria Kataria, PEER Services
Gina Migliore, PEER Services
Jeffrey Wolfe, Institute for Therapy through the Arts


  1. Basset Training: All retailers and stores in Evanston with a liquor license, require sellers and servers to go through a mandatory training called the BASSET training.
    - Potentially host training in December before Winter breaks start and part-time jobs begin. Gauge demand for training.
    -Online training could be expensive

  2. December Coalition Meeting:
    - Y.O.U. Dec 13, 10 am
    - Speakers are ready
    -Theme is Distracted Driving

  3. Local Ads: Our Ads are being currently posted in the Evanston Roundtable (online and print), the Evanstonian (online and print).

  4. Promo Items were also discussed, potential ideas being flash drives, pop sockets with an anti-drinking and driving message

  5. Drivers ed prevention Kits, and Retailer kits: These kits should not only focus on the negative effects of alcohol drinking, but harm reduction, positive coping skills, current comprehensive resource list, a mix of online files as well as actual paper material.

  6. Next Meeting: December 7th at 2PM