Is it illegal to possess marijuana in Evanston?

Yes! Possessing small amounts of marijuana was decriminalized in Evanston in 2011 under local ordinance.  For a first offense, a person generally receives an ordinance ticket and has to appear in court. But, it is still up to the police officer how to handle the situation and you can still be charged under Illinois state law for marijuana possession.

Will using marijuana as a teen impact me later in life?

Aside from the lasting effects of an arrest record or school suspensions, studies have shown that smoking marijuana a few times a week as a teen caused those teens to have a lower IQ, even when they were almost 40!

Is smoking marijuana safer than smoking cigarettes? 

Puff-for-puff, the amount of tar inhaled and the level of carbon monoxide absorbed by those who smoke marijuana is 3-5 times greater than cigarette smokers.

It is safe to drive while you’re high or after smoking marijuana?

Marijuana slows your reaction time and decreases your coordination.  Not only is it not safe, but police can make DUI arrests for driving under the influence of marijuana.

Is marijuana addictive?

Marijuana IS addictive. About 60% of teens who are in drug treatment are receiving treatment for marijuana dependency. Research shows that people who are dependent on marijuana report experiencing irritability, anxiety, and difficulty sleeping, which peaks after approximately 1 week without the drug.