Coalition work intends to be mutually beneficial! You join us so that we can join you in advancing your personal and professional aims.  ESAP Coalition offers opportunities to network with key leaders and committed community volunteers, develop leadership skills, learn about community organizing and advocacy, attend local and national trainings, support related work you’re already doing, and help make changes you’d like to see in the Evanston community!

Being a member of ESAP has been a great experience. I have worked with community members whom I wouldn’t have met otherwise to complete projects that we are all passionate about. Not only does everyone share the same values of health and education, but each project is backed by strong data so our activities are shown to produce outcomes.
— Lindsey Kreutzer, City of Evanston
ESAP Coalition fosters youth leadership. Each year we have a high school student who participates in the coalition and brings a unique perspective to our planning. It is a great opportunity for the various stakeholder groups to connect with one another and have youth voice incorporated.
— Alicia Hart, Evanston Township High School

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